Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Criticism, Flowers, Etc.

Hi all-

Took this one a while back. Submitted it to a photo contest and it made it to the final round... to be honest I'm not sure how it would have done because I didn't get the release in on time. I was a bit less confident then.

Sometimes I wonder if times like that we aren't subtly sabotaging ourselves. We get all big and inflated when we create the art, but then when someone shows interest, we withdraw. "Who me? I'm no artist, don't look at my work." We say to ourselves. Well maybe someone wants to look, and maybe it doesn't take being an "artist" to make things worth seeing. Maybe I'm channeling Julia Cameron here, but we all need the space to create. Once you make that space, don't let the fear of criticism (positive or negative) scare you out of the territory you found.