Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pm/Phto: Sunlight


This morning at breakfast the waitress
asked me if I was 'all set'.
I was watching the rain, drinking my coffee,
trying to see out past the parking lot.
I must've looked foreign somehow,
or at least desiring to be elsewhere.

I told her that I was OK, with a good smile on.
I can deflect inquiry, but that's about it.

Otherwise all I can do is collect sunlight,
drink water, and reach upward.
I'm like a plant in this way.

One, if you see me all green, it means I'm healthy.
Two, the wind blows and I lean with her like I know how to dance.
(note please that I do not know how to dance).
Three, when the soil is dry beneath me, so am I.

Should you see me at the side of the road,
know that one day I'll make it out of the grind;
my roots spread and take me somewhere better.
Just let me watch the rain.

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