Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pm/Phto: Blood


if i am quiet enough
a need to serve makes my limbs hot with pain.

when the loudness of me me me dies back
a growling blood boils to be seen
to show you my happy ache
coming through a gauze on my fresh wound
that first sign of crimson showing you that
there's more where that came from.
a need spreads across the white
jumping crawling out like the dust
coming off of the wings of a moth
like fast-motion video of spiderwebs being built.

i need to be meaningful
i need to bring up a cautious breath
i need to choke on my empty throat
i need to cause a start, send people looking for
a better bandage.

when i am quiet enough i bleed out love
love for people and all their mistakes
love for lives and moments and grocery stores
and thursday happy hour and perfect attendance awards.

i may be wrapping wrapping myself up
to get by in my own everyday.
but if i'm quiet enough
but if i'm quiet enough,
a need to help my brother would pour out onto the floor.


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John said...

thank you for posting.