Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Washer Standing

Hi all-

Washer Standing

"You only get mad about
being seen doing things
you know are wrong.

That's why the man
yelling at his kid in the
Laundromat doesn't care
if I hear him or pretend I don't.

That's when I saw you.
In one of those fleece
coats with logos on the
chest and on the back
as if it's also the chest

You have one of those
hats you've bent the
brim into blinders on,
and it frames your glasses well.

It's your calfs that get me.
That little muscle you can see
flex when you're just so
reaching into the dryer.

I stand against my
washer where you can see me.
Reading my book and glancing,
trying not to be as awkward as me.

Because I'd never actually
start a conversation with a hot man.
Waitresses, strangers in line
at the store, they're a different story.

At least you know your
clothes are well-folded, as
you meticulously put them away.

And I know my T-shirts are
brighter white, like our track
records as we pass each other by."


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rhsjr7 said...

Succinct and Lovely.