Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama's Town Hall


I'm watching President Obama's Online Town Hall. That was all in title case, because it is a pretty cool thing. He opened up for questions from ordinary internet folks. There was also voting built in to identify popular questiosn. My trip to San Fran was delayed, gladly, to watch this historic event.

I really like how he handled the vastly over-popular marijuana legalization issue from the 'open for questions' website. I don't know what your specific position or opinions on this issue are, but get over it. It's illegal.

There was also a really insightful question on nurses... and the president's response was right on. Nurses pull so much of the wieght on our health system. They see you in the beginning, middle, and end of your treatment. The doctor comes in to wave his/her magic wand for two minutes, sure, but its the nurses who are really caring for you. Let's hope more education investments and wage increases bring more nurses into the fold.

The last question came from someone who was breathy and ethereal sounding. It was really wierd. Obama just talked about pre-existing conditions relating to health care. Good save.

Meanwhile, on other economic issues, check this out:


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