Monday, March 16, 2009

The Referential Nature of Information.


I've been working on art lately, I don't neglect this poor blog only because of artistic drought. Although that's sometimes a good reason too. Honestly, I'll take any excuse to just ignore the little empty white space that is begging me for words. It's begging, I say.

A new series of paintings is in the works... I just have to solve one of those engineering problems that come with teh territory. It involves using metal frames to push canvas into shapes; stretched outside the traditional, Cartesian two dimensions. I'm striking a blow to the third dimension... it will never be the same. Or something.

Otherwise, I've been putting some music up on my myspace page. Normally, I would not be on the myspace-ness, because as a craze it's over... and I can't be on a social network for social reasons, only because of bleeding edge technology reasons. I'm a the most frenetic luddite in town, y'all. However, since myspace hosts music, there it is. More of that music stuff to come.

I've also been working on a writing peice on twitter. You can follow anything started with #letter, it will recap you. I haven't been keeping much track of it honestly; it's kind of wandering. Tarry with me, I say!

The photo above was taken from my picasa album. There are more of them, but I need to do a better job at organizing them. More on that to come... I have a trip next week and will be photo-ing profusely. Via some tarrying.


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