Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Proud Boy with his Poster Bored.

Hi all-

The print shop at work turned out to be total failures, so I had to use sharpies to draw out my poster for the conference. The picture is above. It ended up getting more attention as a work of hand jammed psuedo-art. Pretty cool, really. All the time I spent carefully preparing the poster, adapting the format into power-point, pruning the text, filling in PA forms, etc. didn't make much of a difference, after all. The title 'Turning Philosophy into Science (via Magic!)' was the real winner.

Overall, good conference. However, the constant fumbling foibles with 'are we science?' 'where's the data?' 'Woe is me, nobody likes us!' was a little off-putting. This was supposed to be AAAI. No slouches. I did end up meeting some cool people, and having incidentally insightful conversations about coherence, experience, truth, etc. Mostly with the gov'ies.

Also the taker of the above picture and her friend were pretty cool folks.

More pictures here...

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Patricia Murphy, a resident of said...

You're so cute with your poster!